Hannah J. Peters

Graphics Specialist

Connect with Hannah

A skilled graphics specialist with a fresh take on the latest design trends, Hannah brought her talent to Neuger Communications Group in July 2017. She joined the Neuger team after graduating from the School of Design at South Dakota State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Hannah’s previous experiences include working as a graphic design intern for South Dakota State University’s campus library, the Brookings Art Council and the Minnesota Zoo. She has experience working with creative teams and brings new perspective to design projects.

Hannah loves working in graphic design because she’s able to create something new every day, do different work for a variety of clients and continuously grow her technical knowledge.

Outside of work, Hannah loves to dance. After being part of the South Dakota State University Dance Team for four years, Hannah now coaches the Delano Dance Team. Aside from dancing, she enjoys running, drawing, printmaking, playing with her dog and traveling the world.

Every year I look forward to: Winter. In true Minnesotan fashion, winter is my favorite season. I love crisp air and the sound of snow crunching beneath boots. Also, Christmas is frankly the most wonderful time of the year!

Three things that are on my desk/workplace: Coffee, Tootsie rolls and loads of sticky notes.

Favorite restaurant recommendation: The Old Market Eatery in Brookings, SD. I worked there in college and it still to this day has my favorite food (along with some of my best memories).

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Integrity is about how you present yourself. It’s about being honest, driven and reliable both in professional and personal relationships. It’s showing people that you have sincere intentions, vibrant character and focused ambitions.


Excellence is how the job is completed  from start to finish, not just the end product. We work hard to make our work excellent from the first draft to the final, and everything in between. Being excellent is a high standard, but there is no other way to achieve impeccable work to be proud of.


Success is accomplishing not only what goal you may have, but seeing that other people meet their goals too. A team is only as strong as its weakest member, and success comes from all the players motivating others to succeed with them.