Steven D. Wett

Web Specialist

Connect with Steven

Steven joined Neuger Communications Group’s digital team in June 2015, following an internship here. Along with his coding skills, he brings to the team outstanding animation and video production experience. He is interested in helping make websites more user friendly.

A recent graduate of St. Olaf College, Steven majored in chemistry and kept busy with many graphic design, photography and videography jobs and projects. He served as marketing and communications director for the student organization STO Talks (inspired by TED Talks) for two years and for a final year served as their executive director.

Steven studied psychopharmacology in Denmark his junior year and did independent research into the effects of caffeine and ethanol on adolescent brains. He’s also applied his chemistry training to a work experience in 3M’s Abrasive Systems Division, working in R&D as a technical aide under Ph.D. chemists.

A Northfield native, Steven enjoys camping, hiking, canoeing, and fishing at many destinations, including the Boundary Waters and the Bighorn Mountains. He loves to travel and in the past year has traveled to Costa Rica, Canada, and Peru, among other places. He currently lives in St. Paul.

I cheer for: Doctors and scientists who devote their lives to combat disease and expand human knowledge.

In my spare time, I like to: Brew malted beverages with my dad and brother. We try a new recipe every couple of months and are currently in pursuit of the perfect beer.

I sit next to: The web team’s device testing station, used to assess the functionality of websites and emails on various devices. Currently I see three models of iPhones, an iPod touch, an iPad, a Nexus, a stack of three MacBooks and an array of Android devices.